the LINKS to other uses for bananas and sites using the word, "banana", quite freely. 


SOME REAL AND PRACTICAL INFORMATION ABOUT BANANAS:  Guide to real bananas; what, how, why; even medicinal uses.  The International Banana Society.  The best way to safely transport your banana. Really.


SOME SITES USING THE NAME, BANANA, BUT HAVING NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. An online army and navy surplus type store on Cape Cod.  Really. In Grand Junction, CO.


SOME OTHER SITES, BUT WITHOUT BANANAS:  Have a blast. Go bananas.  Find out what your other Rep. or Sen. is doing; and go bananas on them.  Even if you don't watch birds, you'll have a blast reading the catalog of this friend of mine who is bananas.  Pennsylvania Macaroni Co.  Great imported and domestic Italian food selection.  No bananas.  My family site. Haven't worked on it for years.  Where I hit my banana balls.  Incredible model railroad site.  Online photo editing.  Theater in Cottonwood. Check out the calendar for musical and cultural events.